Bastet Coffee Spoon Set


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Color: Gold

Bastet Coffee Spoon Sets features stylish leaf shapes and the perfect size for having a cup of tea or coffee. They can decorate the house and the table, as well as being practical.

These beautiful teaspoons will impress your guests! Besides, you can also use your imagination to use it in a variety of DIY creations.

Our tableware is made of quality metal, which is not easy to bend or rust, and there is no need to worry about peeling paint, and it is durable. Good polishing effect, no rough edges, very suitable for home use.

Eye-catching design: medieval base design, even if applied for home decoration, it looks delicate and elegant.

Spoons and forks: spoons and forks, the ideal match for afternoon tea, small thick spoons, very suitable, can be applied for tea, coffee, desserts, appetizers, sugar, cream and stirring; exquisite three-pronged forks, very suitable for appetizers, desserts , Cocktails, mini cakes, olives, seafood, etc.





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