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 A Lifetime Of Sharp Cuts

 With a long-standing tradition of crafting high-quality blades, Tokuri produces some of the best kitchen knife set in the world. The blades are forged from multiple layers of stainless steel, resulting in an extremely sharp edge, similar to a Japanese sword. They are rust and corrosion resistant, and suitable for those who like to forget the frequent maintenance of a knife.

Regardless of what's in front of you in the kitchen, there’s a Tokuri chef's knife perfectly suited to chop it, slice it, or break it down. Specific Tokuri chef's knives cover everything from deboning chicken to filleting fish to thinly slicing any vegetable you can think of.

Why buy each knife separately?

Ingredients are the most important part of any kitchen, and to make sure you're fully equipped, we've put together these great sets that will perform like no others.

The Home Cooking Set. SAVES 30%

A basic set that got you covered in your daily kitchen chores.

The Amateur Chef Set. SAVES 40%

A more comprehensive set for those who like to take home cooking to the next level. 

The Chef Set. SAVES 50%

You don't just love to cook but you also love to get the right tools for each work, this set is for you.

 Choose Your Knife

These Japanese chef knives are the perfect addition to your kitchen. With a beautiful ergonomic wood handle and sharp, ultra-sharp blades these knives are the perfect way to chop, dice and slice your way through the kitchen. 

Gyutou - The All-Purpose Knife

Gyutou knives are the Japanese equivalent of a typical European chef’s knife. They are the ideal all-purpose kitchen knives and can be used for most tasks. Literally translating to “beef sword,” the Gyutou knife is great for slicing all types of meat and holds an edge better than its heavier and thicker European counterparts.

Santoku - The Smaller All-Purpose Knife

Santoku knives may be the most common style of Japanese knives to make headway in western kitchens. This knife is as versatile as the Gyuto knife but has a taller blade making any repetitive, up-and-down chopping motion easier and less susceptible to rocking. The term santoku translates to “three virtues,” which either represent meat, fish and vegetables or chopping, slicing and dicing.

Nakiri - The Home Cook Vegetable Knife

With their rectangular blade, Nakiri knives resemble Western-style cleavers. Thanks to their straight blade, Nakiri are ideal for julienne, brunoise allumette and other precision knife cuts for vegetables. Also a great tool for cutting into very hard-skinned produce like pumpkins and squash. The Nakiri knife can produce ultra-fine cuts through a guillotine cutting motion (sometimes called the “push-pull” cut) rather than a rocking action.

Pankiri - The Bread Knife

Pankiri knives are designed and used for slicing bread and baked goods. The ridged teeth are designed specifically for this purpose and can cut through hard crusts as well as delicate items without crushing.

Sujihki - The Slicer Knife

Sujihiki knives are the Japanese adaptation of western-style slicers. These knives are made thinner than Gyutou and santoku in order to minimize friction while slicing meat and fish. The long thin blade glides through protein without having to saw back and forth.

Petty - The Paring Knife


Petty knives are small utility or paring knives that are ideal for small, delicate work that a Gyutou or Santoku are simply too large for. Specifically, petty knives are great for tasks involving small fruit, like peeling citrus, and both vegetables and herbs.


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