Osiris Flatware Set - Kelly Frenkel


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Color: Gold

OSIRIS FLATWARE SET was inspired by modern and trending culinary sets to give you the most updated look. Classic shape provides an elegant look with a clean, modern feel.

Each set is ergonomically designed with every detail and angle considered to keep both function and balance in mind. The colored mirror polish process always stays shiny. Do not miss these eating utensils sets.

A lot more than simple cutlery, they’re tools to give you a culinary experience each time you use them, created to enhance the texture and taste of your favorite foods. It has a fluid design that is made to provide you with the most elegant experience. It’s characterized by innovation and design, careful finishing, and the highest workmanship quality available.


  • 304 High-quality steel + acid technology
  • Use of special forging process, the original industrial design
  • Ergonomic design, use of labor-saving, rugged
  • Vintage elegant design, back classic little bee, pattern carving
  • Decorative pattern engraving, retro elegance design, back classic bee, as a symbol of man's courage.








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