NightWard Raven Lamp


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Color: Black

Brighten Up Your Interior With The Help Of A Feathered Friend

Standing vigilant in the night NightWard will visit you to bring the light, company, and class into your home. Enchanting your room with its rustic esthetic, our raven makes a great addition to any home!

Place it high up to be your warden or next to you for company, either way, a pleasing esthetic will be set for you to enjoy. 

NightWard sheds light on any mystery in the dark, whether you need it for the bedroom, living room, or somewhere else, you’ll easily find a spot for it to nest in tandem with the décor!


Never in the dark- Like a scene straight out of a fairy tale, our clever little raven will keep you out of the dark as long as it’s beside you!

A touch of class- Bring this mysterious companion home to create a pleasing esthetic that will beautifully light out the room of your choice!

A vigilant friend- Watchful from afar, NightWard makes long nights warmer, brighter, and never lonesome!

NightWard is the ultimate choice- Please your esthetic needs with a feathered companion that brings light, company, and class to your home!

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