Space Saving Multi-Function Bathroom Organizer

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Upgrade Your Bathroom. Simplify Your Daily Routine.

With one simple improvement, the countertop of your bathroom can be a lot more seamless, organized, elegant looking, and efficient. This toothbrush holder is Nordic-designed and created to make your life a lot easier in the morning when everyone is rushing around. This amazing design almost works like magic, putting everything in one convenient place. Once you put it in your bathroom, the results will be staggering.


Generous Capacity – In this holder, there’s enough room to hold up to four mouth washing cups and as many as 8 toothbrushes, making it ideal for all families, large or small.

Keeps Toothbrushes Clean – There’s no worry about your toothbrushes getting dirt or dust on them, thanks to the innovative design.

Automatic Dispenser – No more worries about little ones getting too much toothpaste on their toothbrushes. The dispenser automatically gives them the ideal amount every time, so you don’t have to waste toothpaste.

Upside Down Magnetic Cups – These cups are reinforced with strong magnets. This means that e cups are securely attached to the holder. The cups drain water off quickly, so that you prevent the growth of bacteria and make sure the cups are kept clean, hygienic and dry.

Large Drawer Compartments & Countertop Shelf – This holder comes with a huge countertop shelf, so that you are able to easily organize your bathroom essentials, grooming tools or other types of care products. Not only that, but there’s two drawer compartments, perfect for cosmetics, bandages and other small items.

No Damage to Your Wall - You can attach it to your wall with the provided wall mount adhesives. These adhesives don’t leave any residue behind. It can hold as much as 13 pounds without falling off.

Environmentally Friendly High-Quality Materials – This holder is made of odorless, non-toxic ABS materials. It has a silky surface and a beautiful, exquisite design that will help you feel good about oral hygiene.

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